Amaryllis: Furniture manufacturer professionally on the global

Amaryllis: Furniture manufacturer professionally on the global

Why pick us?

Amaryllis always creates material and immaterial products that are pregnant with the big values of aesthetic and cultural ideas; stir the emotion and sentiment of viewers.

Amaryllis always searches the best solutions in order to make Amaryllis’s product having unique feature from simple to complex configuration.

Amaryllis continually strives to uphold Amaryllis’s mission to be the designer of our age – a premier design practice both locally and in worldwide.

Amaryllis with staff experienced in the management and production to meet the high requirements in art and engineering

Amaryllis aims at reaching the top of creativeness, perfectness and commits to meet the higher and higher quality of client’s requirements about furniture manufacturing by dedicated and professional service.

Last portfolio

With the goal “Come to the Amaryllis is to come to the Belief in high-quality and artistic products”

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Our clients

Amaryllis always conserved relationship with Amaryllis client through the exquisite sensibility and product warranty.


About company

Amaryllis not only specifies in furniture manufacturer, but also in creating a soul for Amaryllis’s products through the unique and dynamic designs. These designs are extremely practical and conformity with each living space, working space where Amaryllis’s clients always feel comfortable, confident, and successful.

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