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Always creates material and immaterial products that are pregnant with the big values of aesthetic and cultural ideas
Life Space

Design & Manufacture Furniture for Life Space: Hospitality Space (Cinema Complex, Restaurant, Bar), Commercial Spaces (Retail Shop), Residential (Resort, Department)

Work Space

Design & Manufacture Furniture for Work Space: Education Space (School, Libraries, Museum), Health (Clinic, Spa, Hospital), Workplace Space (Banks, Insurance Agencies, Commercial office)


Product having unique feature from simple to complex configuration
Unique and Dynamic Designs

Amaryllis with all heart, sensing space from sourcing light, visuals, sculpture, photography, pictures, art painting to create our interior products richer, more romantic. We not only specifies in furniture manufacturer, but also in creating a soul for Amaryllis’s products through the unique and dynamic designs. These designs are extremely practical and conformity with each living space, working space where Amaryllis’s clients always feel comfortable, confident, and successful.


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